Robeson County Farmers Market Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program


​Member Application for Early Fall 2019

October 1 – October 29, 2019

Please submit this Application no later than September 29, 2019.  Applications are due by 12:00 pm.

CSA Early Fall 2019 Program will have a new pick up location. Click here for details.

​Please return this application to the Anna Marie Hatcher from the Robeson County Farmers Market at or Mack Johnson at If you do not receive confirmation within 2 business days or by noon the Friday before the CSA starts please call Anna Marie Hatcher at (910)258-7677 immediately to fill out an application over the phone.  A copy of this application will then be left with your shares for your signature.  

​Please contact Anne Marie Hatcher by email at or by phone at (910)258-7677 to discuss possible arrangements for weeks you may be unavailable or out of town, to provide feedback or address concerns and for any questions regarding the CSA program.

The Robeson County Farmers Market is a joint cooperative with the Robeson County Farmers Market Association and the Robeson County Center of the North Carolina Extension Service. All goods sold at the Farmers Market are certified locally grown.


The Farmer's Market is OPEN! Come out and see what our farmers have been working so diligently to grow for our community.

downtown lumberton

Robeson County Farmers Market Located on the Corner of 8th & Elm Streets 

Open Wednesday & Saturday 7 am-1 pm May through November

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